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Occasional and frequent tobacco use introduces a significant amount of tar, nicotine and other chemicals to your mouth. This can cause significant stains to develop on your teeth in a relatively short amount of time. This process might also be accelerated by the frequent consumption of dark beverages like coffee, tea and dark soft drinks.

While you might be tempted at first to experiment with the tooth whitening products sold in stores, you will likely find them inadequate for removing significant dental stains. Most of these products use mild concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, which is only capable of alleviating minor surface stains from teeth. If you are struggling to deal with significant dental stains, the best thing to do is to schedule a dental whitening treatment with our dentist, Dr. Mahesh Solanki. The professional tools and techniques he uses can safely remove tobacco stains that have penetrated tooth enamel. Once your smile has been fully restored, you might want to consider your tobacco cessation options. This can reduce your chances of suffering significant dental stains in the future while also improving your overall health. It can also reduce your chances of developing cancer.

If you live in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area, and your teeth have been affected by tobacco stains, you should call 215-501-7156 to schedule a whitening treatment at Whitman Dental Center.