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Visiting the dentist every six months is as important as caring for your smile at home. Even with regular and at-home care, though, dental problems can still develop at times. Here are a few signs that you may need to visit your dentist for your next scheduled checkup:

– Bleeding gums: You may have heard that bleeding gums during your flossing or brushing routine, but this is not normal. In fact, if you have bleedings gums, this could be a sign that you have a periodontal issue such as gum disease, which needs to be addressed before you lose a tooth or the underlying jawbone.

– Pregnancy: Frequent visits to the dentist may be necessary during pregnancy because your gums become more sensitive to plaque and could be more vulnerable to inflammation. Unfortunately, there are associations between gum disease and pregnancy risks such as low birth weight, but you can avoid these problems by visiting your dentist regularly and following any care instructions.

– Tooth sensitivity: Sensitivity to heat or cold can be treated by the dentist, and is often caused by a troubled dental filling, tooth decay, or the buildup of plaque. We invite you to visit the dentist to discuss ways to alleviate any discomfort.            

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