Dr. Mahesh Solanki offers a variety of treatments to help patients of all ages achieve healthy smiles. Whether you are 1 or 99, our dentist and team are here to help you enjoy all the benefits of good oral health. From your child’s first dental visit on, we are dedicated to providing you with quality dental care that will improve your quality of life. We invite you to call Whitman Dental Center at 215-551-9151 to learn more about general and family dentistry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and make your appointment with our experienced dentist.

General and family dentistry is the branch of dental treatments focused on keeping your oral health strong through your life. Whatever your needs, we are here to help you achieve your smile goals and help prevent problems in the future.

One of the most important aspects of general and family dentistry are your regular visits with our dentist. We recommend you come in for exams and cleanings at least once every six months, so we can keep an eye on your oral health and address potential problems before they manifest. Even if you feel you do not have any pressing oral pain or discomfort, we still recommend you come in for your regular visits; some dental problems don’t manifest as obviously as others but can still have long-lasting effects. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!