If you are searching for a cosmetic solution for your smile that is quick, comfortable, and long-lasting, Lumineers® could be the treatment for you. Lumineers are a special type of ultra-thin dental veneer, and are uniquely designed to mimic the natural appearance of your tooth enamel and correct problems such as crooked and discolored teeth. We invite you to call Whitman Dental Center today at 215-551-9151 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Mahesh Solanki and learn more about Lumineers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Like traditional dental veneers, Lumineers can be created and placed in just two comfortable appointments. However, the ultra-thin design of Lumineers allows these veneers to be bonded to the surfaces of your teeth without grinding down any of your original tooth structure. Not only does this make your treatment minimally invasive and much more comfortable, but it also makes it possible for your Lumineers to be removed without problem in the future if needed.

Your appointments to receive Lumineers will typically take place over a two-week period. During the first visit, a mold will be created, and our dentist will work with you to determine the correct shade of white. This mold will then be sent to the dental lab, where your Lumineers will be made. After your Lumineers have been created, you will return for your second appointment, and your Lumineers will be bonded to your teeth. This bonding process will take about an hour.

You should not experience sensitivity following the placement of your Lumineers – they are designed to feel comfortable and natural from the moment they are placed on your teeth. Your Lumineers are also extremely durable, and can last for up to 20 years.

For more information about Lumineers and to make your appointment with our talented dentist, please call our office today.