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To keep your smile safe, it is essential that you always have effective oral health care treatment plans in play should an oral accident or injury arise. Due to the fact tooth hazards can cause oral emergencies, it is important to avoid anything that may seem like it could potentially chip for crack your teeth. In addition, always have oral appliances ready to help keep your smile safe.

Exercise caution with tooth hazards such as tongue piercings. Even though tongue piercings may seem to be a stylish alternative to your personality, they can severely damage your oral health. Not only are they known for causing infections, but they can also pose significant choking hazards if they break off. In addition, they can easily chip or crack your teeth, or give rise to nerve damage.

If you wish to enhance your oral health care in the presence of tooth hazards, consider speaking with your dentist about having a customized mouth guard placed into your mouth. They are another highly effective tool for preventing oral accidents and injuries, and they can help minimize the damage associated with blunt trauma. For more information about customized mouth guards, speak with your dentist.

Exercise caution with any products and substances that you have to bite into. As a general rule of thumb, you should never chew on ice or any products that may be too hard for your teeth. This can lead to severe dental damage in the form of chips and cracks. In addition, products in hard candy such as cough drops should be avoided as they often contain added sugars which can be converted into harmful acids designed to cause tooth decay and cavities.

Don’t get left in the dark by having poor oral hygiene without tooth hazard treatments. If you would like Dr. Mahesh Solanki and our team at Whitman Dental Center to bring you in for a comprehensive exam to determine if tooth hazard treatments are right for you, please set up an appointment at our dentist office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by calling us at 215-501-7156.