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We are committed to assisting our patients who need to have a tooth extracted. While we strive to perform conservative treatment when possible, an extraction may be needed if it’s in the best interest of your oral and overall health.

During the extraction process, our dentist will extract the damaged tooth from its socket and replace it with a dental restoration such as a dental implant, bridge, or denture. But why would a tooth need to be extracted?

• Extra teeth are preventing permanent teeth from erupting.
• A baby tooth doesn’t fall out on time and blocks the permanent tooth from coming in.
• You need to make room for braces and the new positions of the teeth.
• Your head or neck area is undergoing radiation.
• A tooth has become infected and the immune system compromised from using cancer drugs.
• Your teeth are infected because of an organ transplant.
• Your wisdom teeth don’t have space and need extraction before they cause discomfort, an infection, or a cyst.

At Whitman Dental Center, Dr. Mahesh Solanki and our team strive to help you keep your smile in good health with excellent dental care. For more information about tooth extraction in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or to schedule a visit, please call 215-501-7156 today!